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Urban Scene (acrylic)

Urban Scene (acrylic)

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Apart from generating his own original artworks, Daniel specializes in pen and ink drawings of homes and other buildings too. He is a Southport born Englishman who started painting at a very young age. He was mentored by celebrated artist Philip Berrill during his teenage. In 2023, a hand drawn Spirograph of his impressed international celebrity Uri Geller to such an extent that Uri decided to display the Spirograph in his Tel Aviv museum alongside his paintings collection.

This particular artwork shows urban landscape and is rightly given the title ‘Urban Town’. Most notable thing about this painting of Daniel Adler is that it depicts urban town of the yore. Today’s urban town can’t be imagined without skyscrapers. The artwork has fascinating use of colors. It provides evidence of the fact that Daniel is unmatched specialist in making pen and ink drawings of buildings. Each artwork of Daniel Adler is signed by him.

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